Proportional Giving and Why It's Important

Proportional Giving and Why It's Important

When this new Conference was formed in 2020, the SNEUCCC Board embraced Proportional Giving as an appropriate giving model for providing the financial resources to enable us to do just that and to fulfill our mission and ministry as Jesus’ disciples. 

What is Proportional Giving to Our Church’s Wider Mission (PG)? 
Our sacred texts remind us that all we have is a gift from God, and they invite us to give joyfully in proportion to these gifts.  The financial expression of proportional giving is sharing a percentage of income as a grateful response to what God has given us and to help build the Kin-dom of God by creating a more just, inclusive, loving, world.   

Specifically, a church’s Proportional Giving contributions are based on its giving percentage multiplied by its total operating income in a given year. For example, a church with a $150,000 Total Operating Income giving 2% would send in a $3,000 Proportional Giving Contribution.  

The SNEUCC has adopted this approach because it is faithful, covenantal, and aligned with our mission and core commitments.  In this new Conference, Proportional Giving replaces the various models used by the historic Conferences: OCWM Basic Support, United Church Mission, Fellowship Dues and Per Capita Dues.  With this new model, Proportional Giving contributions are continuing to be shared with National UCC, just as OCWM Basic Support was.  (Read more on why this model of giving was chosen.)

Why is contributing to Proportional Giving to Our Church’s Wider Mission important?  

For an overview of what money given to PG is accomplishing, please visit our Fulfilling Our Mission webpage. To better grasp the vast resources we are providing to our churches and to learn about the ministry we are doing as a whole because of your contributions, please browse this website!

What resources are available to help with Proportional Giving?

More information

For more information, contact David Cleaver-Bartholomew. Please contact him directly to schedule a meeting or conversation, or with any questions you may have at, or call 315.753.1375.


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