The Search and Call Journey

The Search and Call Journey

Welcome to the five-phase Search and Call process of the Southern New England Conference, UCC. We know that times of transition can be daunting and stressful; therefore, we offer this resource as a gift.

The introductory video will orient you to the overall Search and Call process. Under each phase you will find:

  1. The three main tasks of that phase
  2. A brief video that takes you through that phase
  3. A list of resources and requisite documents pertaining to that phase.

Beloved, know that you are not alone in this work! Your Area Conference Minister and Search and Call Program Associate are here to journey with you. More importantly, we invite you to lean into the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain you and the voice of God to direct you.

Welcome to phase one! We begin with endings. The three main tasks of this phase are below. The focus is on wrapping up ministry with your current pastor, celebrating, and securing transitional leadership.


  Plan a Goodbye

  Choose a transitional minister


Resources and requisite documents:

  • Clergy Compensation Guidelines
  • includes guidelines for bridge and interim pastors
  • A Sure Foundation
  • A guide for clergy and churches on healthy practices from the National Setting.  This includes boundaries for departing pastors as well as questions and a format for exit interviews.
  • Liturgy of Farewell
  • From the UCC Book of Worship, this is used during worship on your pastor’s final Sunday.
  • Understanding Pastoral Roles
  • Explains the differences between pulpit supply, leave coverage and bridge; intentional interim, designated term and settled.
  • S&C Guide for Interims
  • This guide is geared toward Intentional Interim pastors but is helpful for congregations considering Intentional Interim Ministry.
  • Profile Posting Instructions
  • This document includes essential instructions on where to find information for your profile and what you need to do to get your profile posted.
  • Local Church Interim Profile
  • Fill out this profile if you will be searching for an interim pastor.
    • OR
  • Local Church Designated Term Profile
  • fill out this profile if you will be searching for a designated term pastor.

By this time, your pastor has departed, you have a transitional minister in place, and you are ready to begin your search for a settled pastor. The three main tasks of this phase are below. By the end you will have formed a committee, gathered/engaged important information, and written and posted your church profile to the national UCC Ministry Opportunities website.

  Form committee

  Gather information

  Write profile


Resources and requisite documents:

By this time, your profile has been up on the national UCC ministry Opportunities website and interested candidates are submitting their profiles to your search committee via the Search and Call Program Associate. The three main tasks of this phase are below. The bulk of the work will be evaluating ministerial profiles, interviewing candidates, and identifying top candidate(s).

  Receive profiles

  Interview candidates

  Discern toward & with final candidate


Resources and requisite documents:

By this time, you have identified your top candidate for the settle pastor search. The three main tasks of this phase are below. At this point you are finalizing the selection with the candidate, engaging in negotiations, introducing them to key leaders, and finally gearing up to hold the candidating weekend and congregational vote. Also think of ways to say goodbye to the transitional minister.

  Introduce candidate to congregation

  Hold candidating weekend

  Plan for end of interim ministry


Resources and requisite documents:

By this time, you have pretty much completed the Search and Call process. Congratulations and thanksgiving for your dedication, faithfulness, and hard work. However, the work is not over just yet. Endings are important! The three main tasks of this phase are below. But we encourage you to be intentional about how you will welcome your new pastor, pass on important information, and begin to partner with the new pastor in mutual ministry.

  Welcome new pastor

  Orient new pastor

  Partner with new pastor in mutual ministry


Resources and requisite documents:

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