SNEUCC Call to Prayer Week Two: Prayer for Ministers

SNEUCC Call to Prayer Week Two: Prayer for Ministers


SNEUCC Call to Prayer 2023

In January, you’re invited to pray together with our siblings from the Central Pacific Conference, the Kansas Oklahoma Conference, and the Pacific Northwest Conference. Each week, we’ll be led in prayer by one of our Conference Ministers.

This week, please join with the Rev. Tyler Connoley, Conference Minister for the Central Pacific Conference, in praying for clergy and ministers in discernment.

SNEUCC churches are invited, along with the churches of these conferences, to commit to praying for various aspects of our body in ministry.

Week 1: Prayer for our Lay Leaders: Rev. Darrell Goodwin 
Week 2: Pray for MIDS and Authorized Ministers. (This video. Text below)
Week 3: Pray for the local church, associations, and our covenant partners
Week 4: Pray for Conference Staff


Prayer for Ministers:

Hello, friends, will you join me in an attitude of prayer? God, thank you for all of the ministers that you have called to your church in our conferences. Thank you for the pastors. Thank you for the chaplains. Thank you for those serving in specialized ministries. Thank you God, for our retired ministers who have served and are now ministering and other ways for our ministers who are between calls or who are finding paths outside of the traditional paths. Thank you for our lay ministers, for those people who have been called to ministry in their own local church, God, I pray that you will bless our ministers. Our pastors may find that they have people around them who can join in the call - enthusiastic lay members, that they may have a sense of purpose and joy. I pray for our chaplains, those in hospitals and hospices and educational settings, and all of the other places where chaplains find themselves serving. May they have everything that they need to be in relationship with the people who need them the most right now. God, I pray for our specialized ministers for those serving in settings that sometimes don't look quite like the kinds of settings we think of as traditional ministry. Guide them in their paths, lead them in the work that they do. Give them strength and courage.

I pray for our lay ministers as they serve in settings where they are known so well and sometimes have been known for so long that they may find themselves guided by you, loved by their congregations. May they find other colleagues who treat them with the kind of respect that clergy deserve, and may they find other people in their community who walk together alongside them.

I pray for our ministers who are retired, that you will be with them in this time in their life, whatever it is that they are called to in this moment, that they will find joy in it. For those of our ministers who find themselves in retirement homes or in places where things are beginning to come to a close in their lives, I pray that they may find joy and presence with their friends and colleagues around them, that they may have people around them who see their worth and their value. God, I pray for our ministers who are in search that they may be led into good calls, that they may be led to people who will see in them what they need.

God, be with all of our ministers in all of the different settings that you call them, to thank you for all of the different ways that you call us and guide us and call us alongside, and call us with. Call us out of communities. Be with us in all of the places where we are. Thank you, God, for your ministers, for their call, for your call on our lives. We pray this all in your holy name. Amen.

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